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Importance of having a gun safe

With gun control so much in the news lately, it’s hard to dismiss the importance of having a gun safe at your home or business. Regardless of your views on gun control, if you have guns at your property, you should have them protected by placing them in a gun safe. Doing so secures your guns from many possible threats including burglars, the elements, and accidental shootings. Whether you add a gun safe to your property, you also protect your loved ones, guests, staff and visitors. Over all having a gun safe is a smart and secure way to protect your weapons and those you care about.

Locksmith Apple Valley MN offers many gun safe choices for our local customers. You don’t have to live here in the Apple Valley, MN region to take advantage of our gun safe expertise; read on and then call a full service locksmith shop in your locale to find out more or to add a gun safe to your property that suits your security and budget requirements.

Your goals

Let’s start at the beginning. What is your goal for having guns? Do you have them for protection? Or, did you purchase or collect them as an investment? Maybe you are doing both and just like guns. There’s no problem with any of these options but your choice in gun safes can depend on what your goals and objectives are. Some gun safes or cabinets are designed to showcase your collection. Others are built more for securing them against intruders, or to keep them out of the hands of curious neighbors or children. If you have your guns for protection purposes, you’ll want fast access to them if and when you actually need them. The materials, design and the locks that secure your gun safe can all depend on what your purpose for them is.

A loaded gun should not be lying around!

All too often we hear about accidental shootings, and sometimes deliberate ones, where easy and fast access to a loaded gun was a factor. The scene could be a home invasion or a domestic violence incident. A curious child could playfully fool around with the gun, not knowing or even dreaming that it could be real and/or loaded. One drink too much might make a person overly aggressive, depressed or revenge bound. Then there’s the mentally ill that go unreported or unnoticed. The last thing they need is to have ready and easy access to a loaded firearm and ammunition.

You won’t be a target

One of the most common questions we get is “will having a gun safe make me a target?” and the answer we give is “not really.” Of course a lot depends on how discreet you are. Do you brag to others that your home is an arsenal and that you are not to be messed with? Or, do you discreetly use your gun safe to store and secure your weapons in case of need or for professional
display? A lot depends on you but overall, having a gun safe in your property will not make you any kind of target.

What if I need my guns in an emergency?

Here’s a possible scenario. You are fast asleep in the middle of the night and awaken to glass shattering. You hear the obvious sounds of someone climbing in through your window. You start to panic; your gun safe is in the living room, down the hall and you can’t remember the combination to the lock! What are you going to do now? The burglar is NOT going to wait while you run to your gun safe, remember the combination, fumble with the lock and then load the gun! Is there a way around this dilemma? Actually, yes! Work with a full service, licensed, bonded and insured locksmith shop to select the right gun safe for your particular needs and budget. Your locksmith will be able to help you choose the right cabinet materials and the proper placement in your home or business for maximum effectiveness during incidents like these. Even the kind of lock can make a difference. If you are worried about the possibility of intruders, don’t get a combination lock! Opt, instead for a biometric lock that requires a simple touch and no keys or complicated key codes or number sequences.

Be versatile

You don’t have to use your gun safe just for weapons! You can think a little outside the box and use it to store old books or prized mementos. You can stash cash in your gun safe and use it like a home safe or residential ATM machine where any needed cash can be accessed 24/7 without paying bank fees or waiting in line. You can also store gold bars, silver coins, gift cards, real estate titles and appraisals, birth and death certificates, back ground checks, passports, jewelry, flash drives, passwords, old photos and anything else of value that you’d like protected. One of our customers even kept her collection of vintage dishware inside her gun safe!

The best place to buy your safe

There are many ways to buy a gun safe. Gun stores are the most obvious but be aware of a couple of things. Most gun store clerks are part time staffers with little knowledge of gun safe construction, care or use. Almost all sales, set-up, installation and maintenance is outsourced so to avoid paying high middle man markups, by simply working with your trusted, local locksmith. Also, retail stores have limited gun safe selection and the same staff skills and knowledge as described above.

You can order a safe online but you can’t really see and touch it until delivered. Your best bet is to use your online sleuthing skills to learn more about safes and then buy locally from your locksmith of choice. Online safe sales also have the added expense of shipping, set-up and delivery and if you need maintenance of any kind down the road, you’ll still have to call a locksmith, so why not use one from the get-go?

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